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viticulture for winemakers

The winemaking process starts in the vineyard. Wine quality is primarily a reflection of vineyard management and the ability to react to the influences of weather. In a well-run vineyard and winery business, it's the vineyard that produces the largest positive effects in wine quality from the smallest inputs. In other words, the vineyard is where you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Therefore we focus on vineyard operations that yield ripe, clean fruit including:

  • Shoot positioning

  • Canopy management

  • Spray penetration

  • Sunlight penetration

  • Crop load

  • Disease management

  • Nutrient management

Like cellar work, real world success in the vineyard is more often a result of managing work flow rather than reciting book technique. Therefore we emphasize management operations from a context of execution planning rather than reacting to issues.

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