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The wine industry on the East Coast is unique in that the vast majority of revenue for wineries under 20,000 cases comes from on-site retail foot traffic, not wholesale distribution. This changes how wine is sold compared to many West Coast wineries. In this sense, hospitality becomes integral to attracting and retaining customers. 

Hospitality is often the least expensive approach to developing a connection with your customers and can be the primary reason for return visits and wine sales, more so than the quality of the wine you're serving. And yet it is often the most overlooked aspect of the small winery experience. Burrus Wine Consulting has 20 years experience seeing what does and doesn't work in attracting customers to the tasting room. You may be surprised to learn the most effective approaches don't cost anything at all.

In  cold weather months, lasting as long as six months, retail foot traffic can come to a screeching halt. Developing a wine club is an effective way to generate revenue when your customers can't come to you. Whether by yourself or through dedicated wine club software, Burrus Wine Consulting can develop a program to engage your customers through direct wine shipments to their homes or offices.

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