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Winemaking is more than just knowing technique, it's knowing how to execute a plan in a dynamic environment. It's judging every action on its own merit and understanding how that decision will ripple through the stages of a wine's life. 

Wine production can be a juggling act of competing priorities. And the best results often come from good process logistics rather than book knowledge of technique. Good winemaking is a sense of urgency, management of details, and planning for the next step rather than reacting to an issue.

Jason's style in working with a client is to break down a seemingly impossible task into workable components. At each step laying the foundation for the next step. This makes it simple and even enjoyable for the client.  Production work is fun and fulfilling, but good results don't just happen on their own.

Jason's stylistic goals center around the best expression of an individual variety or blend. While this is matter of opinion, style goals aren't completely elastic, and defining those boundaries is important in producing great wines. Many wines resist stylistic direction in the cellar, while others benefit from it. Knowing when to apply direction is the result of years of experience in a production role, a task much more difficult when observing from beyond the cellar.


Sometimes the biggest impediment is just knowing whether a tool or process even exists to address a task. Jason has spent years developing relationships with suppliers in every corner of the industry. From cellar chemicals to crush pad equipment, even the paper stock of a bottle label, there's usually an ideal solution for any winery need.


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