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Small and boutique wineries are really hospitality businesses. More than wine, your customers are buying you. And yet many winery businesses make only a cursory attempt to develop a message that engages customers. This happens on a number of levels: face-to-face contact, on your website, by email, and telephone. Thoughtful and engaging interaction is the goal of any communication. Best of all, this is essentially free. 

Burrus Wine Consulting provides assessment, written communications services, and hands-on staff training that showcases your business and creates a positive and engaging narrative. This may be a simple as a thank you note for joining the wine club, making eye contact in the tasting room, or creating an entire newsletter. Sometimes, just making the attempt at communications is 90% of the battle - it shows you care, and that is what is important to customers of hospitality. 

Communications go beyond the written word. The irony of the small winery is that often the only contact your customers have with your business is with your least paid and least trained employees - part time tasting room staff. They can make or break the tasting room experience. And frequently they have no resources to draw on to guide their interactions. Negative online reviews are overwhelmingly reflections of interactions with people, not the quality of your wine. Whether it's creating a staff manual or hands-on training, Burrus Wine Consulting can provide a simple and cost effective means to structure and deliver a quality tasting room experience. 

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