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 Jason Burrus

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Jason found his way to California after graduating with a BS degree in Biology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. At 21 years old he decided to pursue a career in winemaking and enrolled in the Master's degree program for Viticulture & Enology at UC Davis. He would go on to complete his degree and land stints at Robert Mondavi Winery and Carmenet Winery in the Sonoma Mountains. From there he continued to gain experience in the Central Valley where he made some of the most famous wine brands in the country. He was also instrumental in the development of bag-in-box technology popular today.

Soon after Jason traveled to the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta for a short, three month harvest job at the island's largest winery. This would turn into a three year assignment in the position of Enologist. There he transformed the winery's laboratory to state-of-the-art and developed procedures to address viticulture issues unique to the region such as saline irrigation water and exceptionally calcareous soil. While there, Jason also consulted in the Eastern European nation of Moldova where his insights into production methods offered ways to shape wine styles towards those popular in Western Europe and North America.

In 2006 Jason decided to take a chance on the up and coming region of Virginia, where he has been since. He has worked in winemaking and vineyard management roles in some of the region's most regarded wineries. Since 2014 he has been consulting and making wine in Maryland. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and two boys. 2023 marks his 26th year in the wine industry.

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